What We Do

Emma Cox Floristry is a wedding and events florist based in South Yorkshire, but we do cover around 2 hours from where we are. So this includes weddings in North Yorkshire, East and West, also areas of Derbyshire, Cheshire, and Lincolnshire….and if it’s a real dreamy brief will are happy to travel further and regularly work in the Lake District. Each wedding is unique, we like to work with each couple to discuss all ideas for your wedding. Every season brings different flowers, textures and colours. Every venue has unique features and areas for flower arrangements. Each ceremony can have many different styles, from floral arches, meadow aisles and free standing floral arrangements. We like to work with couples, their venue style, colour schemes and budgets. Every quote is custom made, so to arrange a chat about your wedding flowers please use our contact form or email your date and venue to emmacoxfloristry@gmail.com

Photography – Esme Whiteside
Photography – Sarah Taylor
Photography – Louise Anna
Photography – Fraya Raby
Photography – Esme Whiteside
Photography – Sarah Taylor

About Emma

So as you can probably guess my name is Emma and I love flowers. I’m a wedding and events florist, who will be more excited and in love with the flowers for your occasion than you. (It’s not a competition, I’m just obsessed with flowers and will only deliver work I’m in love with) I see flowers as little works of art and like to use each stem thoughtfully in every arrangement. Every stem has a purpose..be it texture, colour, shape, movement or even scent. So placement is key and I like to imagine each arrangement as a little work or art. From a huge floral installation or hanging cloud…to a tiny button hole. I get overly excited and distracted by what happens in nature and always have some floral scissors or secateurs on me.
But some bits you might not know, I’m an identical twin and I’m married to a wonderful man, aka the best thing that ever happened to me, who is a tattoo artist. So as you can imagine, two creatives living under one roof we have what some of our friends and family would say “strange, eclectic decor ” in our house.
Once upon a time for work I bought and sold French antiques. I would drive to France (around a 9 hour drive) buy as much beautiful French “stuff” as I could fit in my van over a week and drive home and sell it fairs across the UK.
That eventually led me to buying flowers to fill old urns I’d found, making wreaths and flower arrangements to ‘dress up’ the marquee I was selling from.
Some things you might know (if you’ve ever peeked at my Instagram) I am all about natural, untamed, free flowing flowers arrangements. My bouquets are the furthest you could get from the ‘traditional’ bouquet shape, I love letting the flowers do the talking, I let their natural shape tell me where they want to go. There’s always a show off and I like to give them the limelight they seek.
If I’m not at the flower markets, or in my studio I’m tending to my small cut flower patch or on walks, always on the forage for things I can use or dry to use in the future

Contact Emma

You do not have to be a flower expert to get in touch to discuss your wedding flowers, but if you have some favourites, pictures you love or even just a colour scheme…..send them over. But to start talking about flowers you will need;

  • Your date
  • Your venue
  • The love of your life
  • Your budget

Contact Emma using our form

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“The perfect colour scheme”

“Emma did the flowers for my aunts wedding and they were absolutely stunning. I loved the wild flower design and rustic feel she created with the bouquets and button holes, they were the perfect colour scheme for the wedding. I would definitely recommend her”


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Most beautiful flowers”

The most beautiful flowers I have ever seen, can’t wait to walk down the aisle holding them. Such an amazing talent.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Floral Queen”

Floral queen Emma created florals that blew everyone’s mind. She created a bouquet, pink floral cloud, floral stands and a last minute floral disco ball. She worked tirelessly to create something completely new, original and incredibly pink