Naturally inspired designs by Emma Cox.

Emma has a background in design, starting with her graphic design degree from the university of Lincoln in 2008, then to teaching design and technology for a number of years in Yorkshire. Her love for design then lead her to the villages in France, buying and selling decorative French antiques.

The flowers. Emma has always loved flowers and had considered floristry as a career when she knew she wanted a change from teaching, but it remained a hobby. Creating floral displays for friends and family, displays in the home and arrangements in various vessels she picked up in France and sold at Antique fairs across the UK. Emma’s natural passion for learning inevitably lead her to engage in courses which enabled her to work with her favourite medium….nature.

All arrangements reflect Emma’s love for the subtle detail, from arching, dancing stems, naturally moving and searching for the light, untamed foliage which sympathetically reflect the seasons and winding tendrils that bring arrangements a real sense of the free and wild movement only found in nature.

The change in seasons allows Emma to have an ever changing “favourite” from Hellebores and Anemones, to Lilacs and Sweatpeas, to Roses and Dahlias. Each changing season brings new textures, movement and romance to all designs that all follow the same theme of reflecting nature with the subtle details, which enhance the movement and feel of every arrangement.

Feel free to get in touch through the contact page to discuss any floral requirements you would like for those occasions when only flowers will do.

Based in South Yorkshire but loves to travel in her trusty van, preferably loaded with flowers.